duminică, 26 mai 2013

The major lift..

There are moments that we fail to understand...that are misunderstood to a confused adoration of the moment itself..a loner that chased a moment of weakness,a halo that for the others didn't mean a thing ..just a strain of dust that was carried away in the distant horizon..a looming horizon that was the other way of our journey...We were a few moments behind..behind every scene that made our life sigficant .."a yestarday" that bordered our existance today...a consequence that spreads like a pile of wine over the entire surface...
A shower of recycled dreams and hopes ..in different shapes..in different ways of meaning ...a sonnet made to realize an echo that takes the other way.

sâmbătă, 25 mai 2013


 Time is not  on our  side...for the rest of eternity there will be no more tears to cry..two hearts can leap for a moment of weakness ..from every where, down the road our ways diverged..from the distant horizon two figures defined by a brilliant light..a telltale laughter that rose in the absent air ...The ecstasy that dragged a heaven on earth that went mad afters a few sparks of fireworks...almond-blossoms filled the rounds, finding fault in every aspect of the "romance"that once measured their happiness...The story seemed beautifully jewel-like ...but the diamonds were not real...they faked the blinding sparks.
There is one thing I can't deny.."It's not goodbye"..

marți, 7 mai 2013

A thousand..and more

A thousand tears can flow from your sparkling eyes..
A thousand words can speak your frozen lips..without a single meaning
A thousand seconds can pass..and still not  cover the entire scene that is guided by the bloody bride..
A thousand years can go by...and still...not live enough...
A thousand memories, and all you can do is sing the song of the stars..
Devoted to a vow that remained unbroken for the long-lasting eternity.
Yet ,come back to what it was a thousand Times.

joi, 2 mai 2013


The velvet sky appears to break down in the infinite cold..
                 furious,with pure anger and guilt...
       Enlightening the morale sense of our fear...
                 Gasping into a tender of humanity..
                          Ripping everything around..
                           With a merciless eviction..
                           Without any remorse or self pity...
I'm tired of wondering "when","where","why".I'm just gonna take the road ..like a stranger passenger and walk away.Glittering as the sky falls apart..
No matter when....no matter where..no matter why,..
"Enclose your soul ,there's nothing you can find there.You paid the price"-whispered the sad lullaby