sâmbătă, 20 iulie 2013


Robot figures..
Confindent features of adrenaline waiting to uphold the grace of a fake row of applause that are simply waiting peacefully for a moment of weakness to stab you directly in your heart because for them is just a game played by demonic rules .A permanent hatred hidden waiting for a signal to trigger ..the pain is fast and slow because of the unexpected .Intoxicated with  a cloud of wishful regrets...

“Sticks and stones may break bones, but a poison pen is the best revenge.”

marți, 9 iulie 2013


Everything goes far too fast ..as if we are running out of time to care..to feel..or to have our heart broken..we keep moving as if nothing happened..running out of tears..running out of joy  because we forget to take a look of the view.stonned for too long..eternity doesn't mean forever ..we just fool ourselves to keep moving in world that is negleted by shadows and ghosts; animated  by unspoken silence ...A slice of the past keeps gringing a moment of despair ..how can we go back?-nonsense!the vintage memories fade away .the impact is too harsh.You can't keep up with the trends because the old dusty box is  half-empty...we still remember moments but the material things vanished..
Simply admiring the view she exhaled the smoke that was disappearing in the frosty air..murmuring slowly
"I can't wait for you... because waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing."-ACS