marți, 27 octombrie 2015

Au revoir

Is it the thrill?
The anger?
A smile that makes you melt faster than a popsicle on a hot  summer day..
Fairytales don't always have a  happy ending, do they?
Tell me, is there something to gain from  this story?
A recycled heart and a broken smile  ..and nothing more..
She finally understood, there was nothing left of this story....not even the good parts, they have all fade away , carried away by the wind maybe to another now..maybe in ten years' time they'll meet again at their old place, maybe they won't even recognise eachother   or maybe they'll be brought to life again but trust me ,that would be unlikely..
For now she should just pack her things and go, but the coffin of memories shall remain behind , burried  in a tight place, a small place , forgotten because she'll want to return whenever she's afraid of the dark .But not this time ,she can't bring flowers to the grave ,not until she's ready to come back ..The only thing she needs is her red lipstick to conquer the world.The door slams.
It's time to go now ,she doesn't want to miss the plane again.
There's no coming back.

sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2015

Tell me

Tell me,
What makes you so special?.
Is it your long curly brown hair?
or your ocean-like eyes?.
or maybe your perfectly curved lips?
is it the smell cinnamon that is imprinted on your skin?
or the air of mystery that you leave behind everytime you pass him by?

Is it the hunger?The high?The past?The nostalgia?The crave for a body to possess?
 A dose of ecstasy  whenever you desire to fly..
.Just like a drug-addict you keep on asking for more ...
Forever more...


duminică, 4 octombrie 2015

Too late

The mirror shows you someone..someone that you used to know...a beauty that in the moonlight overthrows you..a reminiscence of a slander of someone familiar in a way or another..
Is it someone you used to know from another life or another now?
Your questions remained unanswered
You used to runaway from everything that scared you...You used to  blame the destiny and curse the faith that wouldn't leave your sight when he was gone..You hoped in your twisted mind that maybe he'll return..
"How  foolish of you!"whispered your own reflection , "he did come back , but you don't need him anymore".It's too late...