duminică, 28 octombrie 2012

Looming in the horizone

I believe that that everyone has a missing peace of puzzle hiddem somewhere in this  tumultuous world.
A key that unlocks your soul and your deepest secrets just by giving you a glance when you're down in the dumps.When you're on an obscure and lonely route and you feel like you're being haunted by ill angels , you know who to confide to.When your thoughts are swept along like an avalanche or like a praire fire I know my best friend  will always be there..
This unconditional love can help you arise from the ash when you feel that you're tempered by guilt and fear ..Knowing that someone will stand by your side you will certainly conquer a crown and you will fashion an empire's glory .
However ,I would like to say that from my point of view ,true friends will always be there for eachother no matter what and everyone once in a while feels like stuking his head , oistrich -like in the sand and needs someone to help him see his problems froma different angle
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