miercuri, 26 iunie 2013


I have never been good with words.They  have always sound better in my mind than exhaled in the purely moistured air...I become stonned when it comes to advice.I swallow their sweetness deliberately and they simply go out perfumed with pity and remorse.Against my will I can't speak them fluently as I intend..to praise  a misunderstandable journey.To make it less painfull.a bargain.a masked player with hearts and minds maybe anticipating their next step and move.
A fortune teller or a slave of the unknown?A blessing or a curse?

marți, 18 iunie 2013


"Forgive and forget" has always been a though metaphor that was a complete defeat for me.That I couldn't minimalize because of the tedious thought that was constant on my mind.I never wanted to appear weak in the eyes of others.I never wanted to victimize myself or give signs of remorse.I kept my head above water ,pretending a soft smile with a decent ,pure image of a sain ,exquisite personality and kindness.Secretly planning my vengance so as to taste the sweet revenge that was about to occure.Soft and still.Without realizing..that it wasn't about the other person..That I didn't blame the other but myself...Because I have everything sketched and perfectly planned in low details but unfortunately life doesn't follow instructions..

marți, 11 iunie 2013


You can't always expect to be saved..to have someone that wraps his wings around you whenever you lose control of your life  because you'll end up naked in the cold winter ..and you'll freeze without notice at the  first blow ..There won't be a place in which you'll belong because there won't be enough power to reach the light..You can't pretend to skip the answers because your guardian angel is there..ready to anihilate the pain ..You can't confide your soul to someone because nobody cares not even for a second ..everybody leaves and they forget to come back...

miercuri, 5 iunie 2013


There are secrets that shall remain untold..They will limit our perception and  will adjust our performance towards the life scene because we were not designed to think that way because in our sober moments we might not feel the same..because we confuse our thoughts so often that are pointless in the beeming night when the magic obscures our mind and we are driven by a wave of feelings that makes us desilusional..We are weak in those moments when nothing matters except from that night...that night that we will cherish til we encounter another sound of the drum that whisperes the secrets of the night..in a soft trembling voice.

sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013


We are running from something ending to nothing...running from pain,sufferance..especially from fear...a fear  that controls us ,keeping us stuck in the mud without being able to move,but how can we escape when everything around us means nothing and there is no way going back or forward?how can we feel something when we've been idling in fear for so long?It feels like emptiness...but without being able to fill it..What's the point?There's too much to lose ..there's nothing to win in this story.The ecstasy is gone .The past is gone.We are gone..
Though..I still wonder that  if  we run away from our nighmares,will we take them with us?Will they hunt us for eternity?gringging every part of our soul ..menacing our peace ...Will they get worse?impinged even more by memories, mistakes,grief?