duminică, 30 noiembrie 2014


How come everyone sees perfection in your life?
How come everyone wishes they were you, when you see your life drowning before your eyes?
They all come at once...as if they are trying to tie you and all you can do is stand still.
One by one the problems seem to obscure your mind ..I have always been living in fear that one day everything was going to fall apart and the day has come..
In a second everything you ever wished for is being taken from you .
But how can you escape , when there is no way out?
How can you see the light when it's clearly not there?
How come no one hears you screaming?
 No candles ...no matches ....no hope.

Maybe you'll get to love the dark more than the light .. who knows

sâmbătă, 15 noiembrie 2014


It travels for days , weeks ,years ..
Just to meet you.
a disgraceful person , a cold-hearted , a weak soul, a slender that fade away with the wind
You stand there so brave and expect it to chase everything away.
You idle in time for eternity , you stand still as the wind is blowing the leaves around you , gazing at the light that seems too far away.
You look around but there's no one here .Nothing that could remaind you of who you used to be.
How would it feel not to be able to remember that dark days that brought you here.?
 You are just a traveler without a destination...with nothing to gain but everything to lose .
We count the stars but to what end?
We drive to places not to see something new but to remember the moments that vanished with the wind.