duminică, 27 martie 2016

All good things come to an end.

I can't relate but I do miss you..more than yesteday and less than tomorrow..It's like an epiphany..why do people cheat, steal and lie?Why do people hurt each other?Just be true to who you are..'cause if you can't be that..I don't know what you could be.Just because somone hurt you in the past that doesn't mean you have to rip out souls only because you don't know who you are or what you feel.

luni, 7 martie 2016


He managed to remember every line from each curve ,the way he used his fingers to play the music of eternity between her ribs..every space, every line,just like a well defined map ,such delight!
She managed to remember his husky voice,the bitter sweet vocals that made her tramble like in  the most terrifying winters, his smooth touch that  made her melt and tremble in the same time ,his lips tasted like tobacco,maybe that's why she started smooking ,to feel his presence even when he was not there..
How foolish!He made her  feel heaven and hell all at once ,He gave her something to remember, something to feel ,something she hadn't experienced before, it was magic,a magic that was so unreal,she became an addict.An addict of his touch, smell,presence.
But after a while her heaven drifted away..That's when everything started..
Eternity lasted for  a second and it was not enough..Not enough and that's when she realized that he was just the devil disguised and she was just too much for him..