duminică, 3 mai 2015


I love the drama and the endings more than anything,the sundown , the ending of a song ,a book, a week ,a day..
I love the pain that cuts down every cell of your body because in the end you are going to find yourself..a self full of hand prints of the ones that loved you, the ones that  desired you and even the ones who betrayed you.
Beginnings are full of hope , despair and the vague idea that everything lasts forever..and to be honest it bores me cause they are all the same , constant in their essence without the salt and bitter-sweetness.
As he was staring at the ceilings ,he noticed the prints that seemed everywhere in that room..It was like the scene of a crime and he was searching for evidence ..

"I never thought you were that fragile"
"Is it all part of the act?"

vineri, 1 mai 2015


Here I stand again..
Alone with the night and with you on my mind ..The silence is even louder than it used to be..
I try to pretend that I don't feel anything but who am I trying to lie?
I am not fine and I am tired of this act..
The only truth is that you lied to me in far too many ways..
I only asked for honesty and that was the only thing that you could not give..
.Emotions shouldn't be that hard to borrow since "love" was never a word you came to understand..
I pity you for not being able to feel..but your coldness   won't do me any good and that is why I need to let you go..
I must confess that I really wished you had let me in but now is too late ..
I'm sorry I believed in you and I never saw that you were on a road to misery, a place where I ended because of you...
I don't want to make the same mistake twice and I shall not be played again.