duminică, 23 decembrie 2012

The diary of secrets

Today I learned that the candle doesn't burn stiff and still..that nothing lasts forever ...even the flame ends at a certain point and it takes a special lighter to bring her back to life...
Everything ends and it doesn't actually have a happy ending ..A kiss,a song,a story,a vow, a promise,a feeling...everything ends far too fast and you are dragged back to reality..YOUR cruel reality..
I guess sometimes it's ok to forget...to move on but when you're the one forgotten it doesn't feel the same...it was part of you for a while...for a while you cared ...and you feel that your inside is being powdered with salt and you're supposed to ignore the pain and pretend to be happy because you had your chance and you didn't take it....but yet you can't accept it...The wind carries the ashes away..remaining just an empty space ...you simply know that you can't fill it..There's no going back..but I'll always ask myself:"What happened here?"I hope your wishes upon the falling stars come true..And yet...you'll never know that you meant more than just a summer love that ended before it even started properly..Yet I'll always be there for you..even in the shadow
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