luni, 30 septembrie 2013

Sugar and spice

Searching for a place to deep 
Asking for a love to keep..
Dreaming at a dark desire
Making us wish higher.
.Hunting ghosts forever more
Always searching for a new war...

Complications have always been my strong point of messing things up...Simple things don't attract they just seem to embrace boredom and nothinng more.We can't accept the fact that good things can happen..we don't fall in love with  someone who will always be there for us because it's too easy.Because the adrenaline is missing..We want to feel satisfied for winning a prize..with every cost.Every obstacle  makes you  want more even though without realizing you lose your humanity ..It's a pity that we forget  to live a moment in the search  for something better just because we are afraid to lose a battle that does not make us warriors

vineri, 27 septembrie 2013


It feels so real,so present ..
but it's not feels so close to your heart.yet,  you can't touch lies there a vivid memory that keeps appearing in the most inappropriate moments.It's not real or close at's just a dream..something that vanished too can't feel them because you are still there..trapped in a neverending dream of hopes that shine a rainbow of mistakes  and flaws..when you feel down in the dumps you wish you were there..There..where everything felt right..where everything tasted as a perfect cocktail of happiness and freedom.yet you feel.Bareness and misery..and nothing more..
How can we go back without turning back the clock?
How can we be  brought back to life , when we can just  survive?

luni, 23 septembrie 2013

Taste of regret

We become fragile in the face of the tragedy of life...we are too preoccupied to appreciate the things that don't matter and we become blinded  to the needs of our loved ones.We bring to life pointless thoughts that don't even survive in the smallest hurricane..they just break piece.
Life is like a game of chess need to make your move before it's  too late.before the game is over.
Your tears are  pointless when you didn't bother to make it count then..Feeling sorry won't make the time repeat itself again..never.
And yet, we are humans .we say things that we regret  but mostly we don't say the truth.we just postpone our feelings  because we fail to measure our words.

sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2013


Always standing tall in the furious wind
Always giving a dream because you have sinned
Making a change for the rest of your  days
Trying to fulfill whatever it pays...
Believing in mistakes
Whatever it takes.
Looking at the sky
Making a wish so high
Standing lonely in the dark
Hoping for a star to spark
Gasping for a day
That takes your heart away
But How can you adjust?
When you have lost your trust
How can you forgive?
When you have nothing else to give..

miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

Lyrics of the heart

The smooth touch of rain covering the place with a thick smell of crystal flavour.A touch that keeps me awake in the furicane that is about to occure.It's not the wind that drives the madness to its limits but the deep thought of an unspoken memory that keeps hunting in the middle of night,maybe searching for a moment of peace epiphany !
How can you gain that?When it's clearly that you don't deserve it..You left your soul  unmasked again -and so you did it again..The punishment is direct proportional to your actions.They say people never change ..they only adjust better to their problems..Maybe ,this is what we are..we just need  some feedback to reveal our true are still the same and only a mask is covering your scars..
Maybe your sin is too hard to carry...or you're too selfish to admit that you miss someone because maybe...maybe they changed  your life.they made it clear for you to see your true self...a different version.. that has always  been there..dusty..but there..