luni, 30 septembrie 2013

Sugar and spice

Searching for a place to deep 
Asking for a love to keep..
Dreaming at a dark desire
Making us wish higher.
.Hunting ghosts forever more
Always searching for a new war...

Complications have always been my strong point of messing things up...Simple things don't attract they just seem to embrace boredom and nothinng more.We can't accept the fact that good things can happen..we don't fall in love with  someone who will always be there for us because it's too easy.Because the adrenaline is missing..We want to feel satisfied for winning a prize..with every cost.Every obstacle  makes you  want more even though without realizing you lose your humanity ..It's a pity that we forget  to live a moment in the search  for something better just because we are afraid to lose a battle that does not make us warriors

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