marți, 16 iunie 2015


Forever feels like an eternity..
A dull nonsens of events that might never occure..
The echo of voices that lays against my skin just like a  feather ..
Soft in an angelic manner
Your voice lingers with every vowel that gives color to every word you speak
A bitter-sweet harmony that cuts worse than the sharp knives..
Merciless, you open my chest without the fear that I might die in the proces
You are  just trying to find that piece of you that was missing
But  to your astonishment it was long gone..
or maybe it was never here

duminică, 14 iunie 2015


Songs  from the unknown
Whispers that keep on remembering us the things we wished we forgot..
Like a movie that has been running in the cinema for ages..
without an audience..without a public..without someone to watch the awful scenes full of hope and despair in the same time..
The memory of you keeps on coming into flashes before my eyes...
"a memory" that I am not sure it's even real becase it feels overrated

It feels that you have never been here..
Not even your ghost or your shadow...there are no prints that belonged to you..
Not even  a stamp of your touch..
Everyone of the spectators that witnessed  the scenes would tell you that the plot was badly written and the actors were not even engaged in the story.But She would tell you otherwise.the story of her life.