luni, 2 decembrie 2013


There are moments..
Moments that used to be..
Moments that mattered then..
Now ...things are different..
As if there is another person writing these words..
As if the other person never existed..
Because there are moments when you feel only loneliness..
You keep the wrong people there because you can't find better versions..
Because honestly no one cares enough..
Because friendships..stories..late nights..don't last forever..
Because you are afraid to fail in a moment when everyone is waiting in aplausse your fall..
Because there is no more honesty..
Because there are no more tears to cry..
Because you feel tired of being weak..
Because there are moments..
Tempered by guilt
Because you feel like going back to the moments when you had everything...Because now have nothing
There are just moments
When nothing is good enough...

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