sâmbătă, 18 ianuarie 2014


After a few seconds ,"You know nothing  " he whispered to her as she was getting ready to leave.She stopped and turned around waiting for him to continue."You just dissapear like a ghoast , I have been waiting for you  since forever" but she interrupted him "You mean nothing to me" and closed the door without nothing more, leaving him behind even more confused than before..
He was fascinated by her misterious eyes .She was different.But he knew nothing about her..It was like she was a phantom that kept him alive.She used to come in his dark days when everything collapsed.She used to make things better and leave as soon as she finished her mission.He used to think of her as  his guardian angel..but now things are different..He realised she was not an angel, she just enjoyed seeing him suffer.She had no soul .She felt nothing.Autumn was on her mind.

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