miercuri, 24 februarie 2016


That is just a familiar feeling..
Just like a void..that cannot be filled..
Not with words ,not with promises, not with memories.
Words and promises that meant nothing
Memories that were mostly lies..
I was begining to ask myself why do people lie so often?
Do they just sound better?
Is it the thrill that someone is foolish enough to believe in you?
Is it the ecstasy?Is it like a drug?
Seeing the other powerless?
I wish I knew how to hate you..
I wish I stopped hating everything else and let you go..
It feels that nothing is ever enough..nothing feels right..even if it seems right..it's not..
It feels that everything's  out of control...

miercuri, 3 februarie 2016


You just give me enough just to keep me alive..
Same words...different  character..
What is it that you want?
The thought that I am always going to be here..
Neglected ..unreversed..
Nothing's perfect..and enough..
This ain't love..maybe torture...
I feel stuck..not being able to move..not forward and not backwards..
Are you really worthy?
Same old..same old..
It's just consuming...
It just burns
You are just like an addiction..
The only thing that sets you free is the thing that causes you pain..
And you can't have them both..
Not anymore.