luni, 28 mai 2012

Try not to end up in tears

Our story?
is simple...we  struggle..struggle for what? Fame,money, fantasy , celebrity, popularity....That strong ambition we all have to become someone well-known , respected , appreciated in one word ..close to perfection...And suddenly we reach a point where you become so self-centred that you lose yourself in  the pleasure of "winning"..let's face it, it's never enough, you'll never learn how to stop, you'll lose everyone , family , friends and even yourself will be lost in the shadow of unknown...
You'll always want more of everything aand you'll collapse for sure ...and you'll cross the'll do things that you 've never thought   you'd do...And once you lost your dignity you lost everything..
 Today I learned that life is unfair's just a mixture of vivid colours ...and you'll never get enough of each colour....and yet in order to appreciate happiness you must understand sadness ....and in order to learn how to smile must understand tears..
 I must say that sometimes i'm just too busy with my 'small" problems to see that others are in need too..and it's not right ...because i 'm not there for them as they used to be for me...i guess i've become very selfish....and i don't know the reason...maybe i am not mature enough to accept my mistakes and to reach my best version..

joi, 24 mai 2012

Somebody's gonna wish that you were here ...

Boredom and Drama

I haven't written for a few days because i feel that my life got a very boring routine..Nothing espectacular ever happens, i mean , yes, i'm thankful for everything i get from heaven ..but I don't know something's been missing for a while and  i can't manage to replace it...I listen to old songs ...relive wonderful memories ..but honestly ..i just, don't feel the same as i used to ...I admit that it's been a hard week and i had lots of problems..but i guess succeded in passing them..I just wish for something...A which everything goes perfect...things to be the way i want stop making a fool out of act more mature ..and try to be more responsible...i m' trying ..a day without drama ..A day in which i can get all my heart desires....small things that mean so much..and i'm just hoping that MY DAY in which i'll totally shine will come...maybe tomorrow'll never know..the future is like an ocean immens and unknown

duminică, 13 mai 2012

sâmbătă, 12 mai 2012

The price you have to pay..

"You always pass failure on the way to success"-Mickey Rooney
From my point of view, I strongly believe that this statement is true because the way to success is very hard and only the best ones manage to reach to the top of their dreams..
I believe that if you are strongly motivated and you're willing to work your fingers to the bone nothing can't stand in the way of your accomplishements
In order to have the world to your feet you must work hard and you have to make sure that you don't end up on the wrong way..I think that failure is just a test that life givesso that you can become stronger and to see that you need to work harder in order to achieve your dreams..
Meeting failure can make some of us collapse, believing that you're not good enough , feeling that you let everyone down especially yourself .It's hard to keep going once you lost your self-esteem and when you have no hope that one day you're going to reach your dream.
But most of us manage to fight and see in this failure a way of proving to the world that they deserve to win and they become more ambitious than never and that's the key to success.
It's up to you , if you want to keep on fighting until you achieve what you want or you could just continue to be failure believing you'll never make it.

miercuri, 9 mai 2012

Turning pages..

"Poof" and all your tears,worries, fears,problems vanished into thin air!
if that was sooooo know.I even wish my feelings had an "on/off button" according to a sad/happy moment to push the button and"feel'
But life is not like struggle and struggle until....until there is nothing left or? as soon as ou get something you want more, more and more and you forget to feel that"certain" joy when you achieve the thing you thought it was your "ideal wish", the thing /accomplishement you couldn't leave without..because you think afterwards that you could have done more.
.Honestly, I reached a point in my life when NOTHING is ever enough..I can't see the good in anything..not even in myself..i want more  ..i want to reach perfection even though i know this will only bring me misery and that's it..
Not pretty enough..not smart enough.. not slim enough...not courageous enough.not popular enough..not even LOVED enough..
Always worring what might X ,Y ,Z might think if i did that ..What if i'm not dressed well enough one gets it but i'm tired ..of following the rules ..of being what everyone expects ...i feel sad, frustrated , angry ...but no one understands ...for everyone it's just another pointless drama ..

duminică, 6 mai 2012

Been there ,done that

"People always change"
I guess this statement is just a can one human turn out to be different after a long/short period?
From my point of view ...not the human itself changes just our feelings.:rejection, lies,lonelyness.. I believe that it's up to you to either become a better or a worse version of yourself  for a while...because after a while you'll be like a bomb ready to explode and when the "tick-tack" reached the climax you'll return to the old "you" know? Sometimes a miss old friends..and how we used to hang out all summer nights..walking under the big moon telling stupid jokes..laughing until my stomach hurts,taking photos , our "investigation nights"..our famous lemonade ..and yes gossipng:)) about all and nothing..but I guess that thease are just memories that will never come back..because we all barely speak to eachother..for all stupid reasons .I know we all made mistakes..and let each other down but i thought that a great friendship it's not thrown away after a few meanigless fights...I really miss spending time with them and letting them now that i'll always be there for them no matter what , but though I'm sooo tired being the only one that wants things the way they used to be...I pretend I'm fine..that I'm happy, accomplished..Always showing a big smile on my face no matter what..Because I want them all to know "what a strong person I am" but the truth is..I'm done ..I just want them to look into my eyes and see that pain hidden in the pride..I'm so tired of maskes , of  hidding what i really mean ..of not being able to admit my own feelings..