miercuri, 9 mai 2012

Turning pages..

"Poof" and all your tears,worries, fears,problems vanished into thin air!
if that was sooooo easy..you know.I even wish my feelings had an "on/off button" according to a sad/happy moment to push the button and"feel'
But life is not like this..you struggle and struggle until....until there is nothing left or? as soon as ou get something you want more, more and more and you forget to feel that"certain" joy when you achieve the thing you thought it was your "ideal wish", the thing /accomplishement you couldn't leave without..because you think afterwards that you could have done more.
.Honestly, I reached a point in my life when NOTHING is ever enough..I can't see the good in anything..not even in myself..i want more  ..i want to reach perfection even though i know this will only bring me misery and that's it..
Not pretty enough..not smart enough.. not slim enough...not courageous enough.not popular enough..not even LOVED enough..
Always worring what might X ,Y ,Z might think if i did that ..What if i'm not dressed well enough ...no one gets it but i'm tired ..of following the rules ..of being what everyone expects ...i feel sad, frustrated , angry ...but no one understands ...for everyone it's just another pointless drama ..
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