duminică, 6 mai 2012

Been there ,done that

"People always change"
I guess this statement is just a mith.how can one human turn out to be different after a long/short period?
From my point of view ...not the human itself changes just our feelings.:rejection, lies,lonelyness.. I believe that it's up to you to either become a better or a worse version of yourself  for a while...because after a while you'll be like a bomb ready to explode and when the "tick-tack" reached the climax you'll return to the old "you"..you know? Sometimes a miss me...my old friends..and how we used to hang out all summer nights..walking under the big moon telling stupid jokes..laughing until my stomach hurts,taking photos , our "investigation nights"..our famous lemonade ..and yes gossipng:)) about all and nothing..but I guess that thease are just memories that will never come back..because we all barely speak to eachother..for all stupid reasons .I know we all made mistakes..and let each other down but i thought that a great friendship it's not thrown away after a few meanigless fights...I really miss spending time with them and letting them now that i'll always be there for them no matter what , but though I'm sooo tired being the only one that wants things the way they used to be...I pretend I'm fine..that I'm happy, accomplished..Always showing a big smile on my face no matter what..Because I want them all to know "what a strong person I am" but the truth is..I'm done ..I just want them to look into my eyes and see that pain hidden in the pride..I'm so tired of maskes , of  hidding what i really mean ..of not being able to admit my own feelings..
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