sâmbătă, 12 aprilie 2014

A mixture

A mixture ..regret , happiness ,loneliness ,betrayal , fire , a cigarette ,infinity.
How can we change something when there is nothing left to change?
There comes a moment when words fail to appear..when there is nothing you can say because
 the smoke is big enough to burn every feeling you once had.
there 's nothing but blood and maybe  ashes.
You feel it burning in your veins but last year's memories keep you hoping for infity.
.Naivity is just a matter of age .But is it?
Don't confess in vain  something that no one should know.
Don't let them bring their dust to poisson your soul.
ego ,loneliness ..they complete each other..
The silence is too loud.
Shake , lift  your eyes and see the darkeness that seems to drown you.
A blank world.
Misunderstood words that fake the light.
The smell of flesh and blood is everywhere you look .
Don't look away.