joi, 10 septembrie 2015

Much more

One day you wake up and everything is gone..
The ache, the pain ,the grief are no longer there
you wake up with the thought that everything is crystal clear
Everything made sense and everything happend for a reason
The reason I don't know today maybe someday
But one thing is for  sure ,you deserve better
Not better but the best
you deserve someone to cherish  and to believe in you
You deserve to be  more than just the other woman
You have more than cherry lips and  flawless skin
And I know it was hard to undress the tattoed kisses and marks that were printted on it
But you need to understand that sometimes things get out of fashion
You have more than just a pair of green eyes because they only reminded him of the dazzling seas
but he couldn't see the chaoes that was behind those stunning lashes..a hurricane that he was unable to see
I know you will be alright .