sâmbătă, 23 noiembrie 2013


Her lips froze because of the dark images that kept appearing in her mind..But her  eyes couldn't handle the pain ..the burst out crying as they never did before..bloody tears kept on crawling as if they were competing  in a race ..A race of life and death...Three words came from nowhere "How could you"?
Silence was like an old  love song that made her  cry her heart  out..He was just standing there without any intention of denying or having any remorse...She tried to understand him..To measure his actions to find an answer ..But there was none..
Nothing could absolve him from this crime..He could only pled guilty in her eyes..there were no other options...
He could only find fault in every part of her...every action ..every word..every whisper..nothing appeared fine any more...But how can you go back ?
How can you continue to mock everyone ?How can you solve a problem by creating another one?
But she knew that even though she was in pain she couldn't admit it ...She couldn't  say  that she knew the truh..The cost was too high for the others to pay and yet it was pointless...
It is common truth that secrets keep us together but no one predicted for how long...no one could keep the trace of time...

marți, 19 noiembrie 2013


Ever felt overwhelmed by  everything?
Too many things that even though they go in a straight line without changing directions...appear to go the wrong way..
You're just driving to a place that you don't even know it exists..
Things will never get easy.At no moment...
Frustrations are still there even if you  glow every day..
Being fed up with everything won't make you weak maybe just a human..
When you don't know what to do with your life ..what decisions to make?what can you do?
When nobody knows the answer to your answers..who can you ask?
When the only witness to your sufference is the empty moon?

sâmbătă, 9 noiembrie 2013

Wish you were the one.

What if..
What if we could really predict our future..Have a vague idea of what is bound to happen..a deja
-vu that we fail to  understand  because we don't concentrate on the fact that occures but on a sad ending that skips the best part of the story.
We get caught by a fantasy of an utopic world..step by step..A deep meaning that can't embrace the plot..Would you make the same mistakes?
Abnormal senses...misguided dreams...without a trace..would you still wish to cast your own soup-opera?The main characters are not defined..they change frequently as the season drives by the heaven's  doors ...No one knocks on the oldest doors.Their colours may be out of fashion!!