marți, 29 decembrie 2015


"Clear your head"-he whispears while she was getting dressed..
"I never meant it you know" he was smiling , just like a predator when he finally got what he wanted.
"I never meant to break your heart , love,I just never thought you had one"
She wasn't even gazing at his words but that one word made her  lungs stop breathing,and her heart stopped beating for a second .From his voice the word sounds different..her brain couldn't percept the stimuli in order to understand the message..It was just one word..that maybe didn't mean a thing. just like any other words he whispeared to her ear that made her melt.
It was his voice..his tone .. the dazzling vocals that felt like the most bitter-sweet symphony.
She was time to leave, it became too real this time.And reality wasn't her thing.
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