joi, 31 ianuarie 2013

Rush hour

What's with all this rush?The rush to run run away from your world..
The dagger has impinged itself upon her chest but it didn't make her feel the pain ...she felt nothing at all..only redish dots came upon the wond but she didn't mind..she didn't stop because of them...she knew that they were insignificant...She murmured to herself that she was  immortal to any sign of weakness ..she felt nothing..The murmurs of recognition made her feel that she went mad ..the signs of her strenght seemed totally out of place..She  didn't ask for this...She feels that she doesn't belong is not who she was designed to be..
She felt the need to go back...back to the find something...something that was lost in the hurricane.

marți, 29 ianuarie 2013

Sink of blood... just another word we failled to understand..a quintessence that it feels out of place...we prefer to be compelled by lies because they are far more appropriete to our ideal life than to reality...we feel more conforted with a lie...we use a scepter to hypnotize our victim and to transform it into a pappet-toy...we enjoy the pull all the strings design  their manner , feelings and make them feel insignificant without seems too real to not believe in this mascarade and it drives you to the most arsenic idea...that burns you in the most unexpected way...
You can't but dream.....

joi, 24 ianuarie 2013

Dark clouds.

Among the greatest things that happen today we cannot understand the tear of gringing a sense of unachivement that accompenies yourself even in the most  hostile places..A true feeling  that you don't really mean but you simply want to destroy an innocent thought that in your deep subconcious see it so wrong make a tiny thing seem so big when in fact it doesn't actually seem as it looks ..we can understand that nothing's ever what it seems..your close ones...i guess no one is trustful enough and no one will encourage you to succed just to drag you back as far as see you down...lost in the dark .....It's dreadful to see that even the ones you thought would be there for you vanish into thin air without even saying good-bye...All I can see right now are  just clouds of dust that appear at each clap of fingers..

marți, 22 ianuarie 2013


I declare myself pleasurably guilty for everything regarding my entire existance.No more more excuses.I claim myself guilty because of the twists and turns that my life encounters.For blaming destiny  for my misfortune and for the blocks of my life.For not being able to fight for what i want.but..lets face it , i never  actually knew  for what i've been searching or perhaps i haven't found it yet but however...i never make myself clearly undestood and that leads to frustration...and what a a cold insanity some morals are still fighting to reach their way out through poetry , drama , interpretable quotes but...why can't we simply be honest to eachother?why do we have to complicate our own lives when it's so simple to just say it ?
Sometimes we should just stop looking for answers because most of the time they are standing in front of us but we refuse to see their true meaning..

duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013


Due to an outlasting  drama ,healing doesn't come that easy.The pain doesn't heal in your way but in slow motion carried away only by the time itself..A long way process from which you can't recover as you please ...your insides are scooped out like ice-cream ...the pain will stung you ..a figure defined by the light that accompanies you even in the most hostile places ...a vague resemblance to a harp and the words are echoed as some fingers running upon the wires  in a sort of a musical way , hard but not loud enough to be heard by the one who's playing the music ...without notice they continue from the most sombre to the most romantic...Being  a victim is a psychological way not your true self , it's your choice who you want to be and it's up to you if you are still willing to be wired to things that consume you , that make you weaker..You can run away it's not to late...

vineri, 18 ianuarie 2013


It's a world full of expectations...and yes, there come moments when you feel that your life gives you soo many wonderful things and you simply don't know how to don't know how and if you should take advantage of them...At one fragil touch they can disappear ...a feeling keeps gringing your insides because of this mischevious fright...
how can you escape it?

marți, 15 ianuarie 2013


"All my senses seemed to desire to veil themselves and feeling that I was about to slip from them ,I pressed the palms of my hands together until they tremble ,murmuring:"oh love.."
Too many awaken thoughts in my mind that night..they  were ready to anihilate every image I had of the figure I had cast by my imagination..I saw myself as a creature driven by a dreadful vanity ..being self-possessed ..became inexplicable to sense the outlast , faint and invisible dust...With a trembling smile you can reach to see a rainbow between the dark veined clouds even if you know it's far away..

luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

It goes on

resolutions..wishes...dreams...a strain of magic that leads your unconquerable soul to find its serenity and bliss ..even for a second sees everything let its wings find  the looming fly away as those angels in the keeps it locked in a place  of majestic keep it tight and never fear of any witch  craffts to take it away...Echoes....some echoes are lost somewhere in the immensive world....searching for a quiet place to drag themselves out of their doze ,in thier look for a whril of apology..they are lost in the ghostly topic of wanderring about their past future and present ..a tone of distinct regret washes upon them...but with immensive conviction the inevitable question arise out of the answer"why?"