duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013


Due to an outlasting  drama ,healing doesn't come that easy.The pain doesn't heal in your way but in slow motion carried away only by the time itself..A long way process from which you can't recover as you please ...your insides are scooped out like ice-cream ...the pain will stung you ..a figure defined by the light that accompanies you even in the most hostile places ...a vague resemblance to a harp and the words are echoed as some fingers running upon the wires  in a sort of a musical way , hard but not loud enough to be heard by the one who's playing the music ...without notice they continue from the most sombre to the most romantic...Being  a victim is a psychological way not your true self , it's your choice who you want to be and it's up to you if you are still willing to be wired to things that consume you , that make you weaker..You can run away it's not to late...
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