joi, 24 ianuarie 2013

Dark clouds.

Among the greatest things that happen today we cannot understand the tear of gringing a sense of unachivement that accompenies yourself even in the most  hostile places..A true feeling  that you don't really mean but you simply want to destroy an innocent thought that in your deep subconcious see it so wrong make a tiny thing seem so big when in fact it doesn't actually seem as it looks ..we can understand that nothing's ever what it seems..your close ones...i guess no one is trustful enough and no one will encourage you to succed just to drag you back as far as see you down...lost in the dark .....It's dreadful to see that even the ones you thought would be there for you vanish into thin air without even saying good-bye...All I can see right now are  just clouds of dust that appear at each clap of fingers..
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