marți, 22 ianuarie 2013


I declare myself pleasurably guilty for everything regarding my entire existance.No more more excuses.I claim myself guilty because of the twists and turns that my life encounters.For blaming destiny  for my misfortune and for the blocks of my life.For not being able to fight for what i want.but..lets face it , i never  actually knew  for what i've been searching or perhaps i haven't found it yet but however...i never make myself clearly undestood and that leads to frustration...and what a a cold insanity some morals are still fighting to reach their way out through poetry , drama , interpretable quotes but...why can't we simply be honest to eachother?why do we have to complicate our own lives when it's so simple to just say it ?
Sometimes we should just stop looking for answers because most of the time they are standing in front of us but we refuse to see their true meaning..
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