sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012


  It’s amazing ..isn’t it?To feel,to understand,to chat long hours about everything and nothing , it surely brings you memories..Tears? Not a single one ! For what? Everything is being taken for granted and that’s a thing that you will never change, no matter what ,you won’t succed in making it..
Memories…they exist you can’t erasse them, even sometimes you wish you could ..Take it as it is people always leave maybe you think I’m broken and that’s why I strongly believe it..,Yes, maybe I’m hurt , maybe I’m tired of all this, complaining, falling in and out of love, pretending that everything is perfect when it’s so clear that it’s not.
Everyone say that you may act dramatically but in the end no one knows what you are really going trough even they all pretend that they do.well, screw them thease  are just lies>innocent lies everything comes to an end…flames always become dust and it’s a thing that you can’t change it…Friends?Family?Lovers?Who cares? As a matter of fact you are the only one that is aware of your facts..If you want to be with a guy just what all you can and make it happen>You really want that scholarship, don’t you?it’s worthy ?do you really want it?Is it really your dream?Then if the question is “yes” what are you doing here feeling sorry for yourself?act and persuade your dreams.I know it requires time and you will definitely meet fails but think of them as a test for being sure that you really want it and that you are willing to fight for them no matter what.
As for love yes I guess it’s kinda  complicated and no one really has a reliable explanation because it’s the only thing that is connected to magic from this world.Some of us find it but don’t know how to keep it or how to make it  part of our lives and it slipps away eventually.Then we suffer all and all over again and we are broken and don’t know what to do.Just llike  all I do is sit around feeling sorry for what I used to have hopping that one day things are gonna change in better..it’s so boring realizing that all you cand do is feel sorry and sometimes you kinda need to get over it
Yes,it’s hard but who said it was gonna be easy?who said that all had  to be perfect/pink?Although worst things could happen
Sometimes you need to stop dreaming endless stories about perfect love , perfect dreams or a perfect life because they are just illusion.
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