vineri, 30 martie 2012

Today...tiny steps back to the old you....

Today,I woke up realizing that everything changed. Now you wonder ‘how come?” everything seems so ordinary like you have the most boring life doing the same things everyday. Today …was a special day indeed, I took some steps back , looking back, last year was so different.I just realized how much I’ve grown ..Last year ,you were not there…I can’t even believe it , old friends became strangers in just a year , new love, my first kiss, tears of sadness , happiness , my broken ego, it can all tear you up in the end…But what can you say? It’ s all part of who you are…I guess that until now I’ve been through  a lot and just for one person who..a few months ago I didn’t know he even existed.I think that God decides who enters in your life and after that it’s up  to you….
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