joi, 20 februarie 2014


Gazing at the light that was coming from the chimney made her remember nights.Nights that made her spine tremble.Her tarnished , golden heart was locked.She missed him.It's been months but felt like years.Songs, memories, small details that perhaps didn't count at first , that now are unforgetable.Everything about him felt unusually good.She is soo naive,he deserves nothing from her but still, she whispers his name everytime she fells down.
Good memories never fade away.His  voice lost its echo  but she is still flying over the mountains .Just in case she gets a sign.

duminică, 2 februarie 2014


She was feeling as if she was drowning..As if everything was sinking too fast ...The water is cold and deep.
She couldn't keep her eyes open  because the darkness was coming closer and closer.
The truth was that she was losing herself behind the mask that she was wearing everyday.It was glued to her wonded true self.and she couldn't get it off.But it was fine.It was better this way.He thought she was the worst person alive  but in fact she was just trying to protect him.She knew what she was capable of so she drove him away , for his own safety.She was bad for him.He was sweet and inocent.She was the devil and the angel all in one.He deserved better.
But as she was putting down her story she felt bitterness ,she felt that she was the victim.She was sad .Every story ends the same.She wants to own  the ocean and the earth all in the same time.