luni, 28 mai 2012

Try not to end up in tears

Our story?
is simple...we  struggle..struggle for what? Fame,money, fantasy , celebrity, popularity....That strong ambition we all have to become someone well-known , respected , appreciated in one word ..close to perfection...And suddenly we reach a point where you become so self-centred that you lose yourself in  the pleasure of "winning"..let's face it, it's never enough, you'll never learn how to stop, you'll lose everyone , family , friends and even yourself will be lost in the shadow of unknown...
You'll always want more of everything aand you'll collapse for sure ...and you'll cross the'll do things that you 've never thought   you'd do...And once you lost your dignity you lost everything..
 Today I learned that life is unfair's just a mixture of vivid colours ...and you'll never get enough of each colour....and yet in order to appreciate happiness you must understand sadness ....and in order to learn how to smile must understand tears..
 I must say that sometimes i'm just too busy with my 'small" problems to see that others are in need too..and it's not right ...because i 'm not there for them as they used to be for me...i guess i've become very selfish....and i don't know the reason...maybe i am not mature enough to accept my mistakes and to reach my best version..
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