joi, 24 mai 2012

Boredom and Drama

I haven't written for a few days because i feel that my life got a very boring routine..Nothing espectacular ever happens, i mean , yes, i'm thankful for everything i get from heaven ..but I don't know something's been missing for a while and  i can't manage to replace it...I listen to old songs ...relive wonderful memories ..but honestly ..i just, don't feel the same as i used to ...I admit that it's been a hard week and i had lots of problems..but i guess succeded in passing them..I just wish for something...A which everything goes perfect...things to be the way i want stop making a fool out of act more mature ..and try to be more responsible...i m' trying ..a day without drama ..A day in which i can get all my heart desires....small things that mean so much..and i'm just hoping that MY DAY in which i'll totally shine will come...maybe tomorrow'll never know..the future is like an ocean immens and unknown
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