marți, 1 decembrie 2015

Maps that lead to nowhere

Today ..was  just another day .ordinary in other words..
Ordinary..what a word..fancy I  might consider..
Empty..with my bare fingers pressing the letters on my laptop..
As if they could feel my empty thoughts..
What a shame they are not as bare as they appeared to be..
I thought that I was going to finish my post by the time the smoke from my cigarette would fade..
But the truth is ..I kept starring at the empty page...without a vague idea of how was I going to describe my feelings this time..
I feel lost in a world, where  the letters keep running in a peristaltic manner and I can't manage to catch them..and to put them in the right order
I can't put the map together..not this time..I can't  seem to find the X that marks the spot..not this time..I keep moving but without a destination..without a familiar face to rely on..
I kept wondering could I believed you?
Words are just words without a meaning ..And I know you tried to keep them tight in your arms but they still managed to run away.
You needn't have promised me the moon and the stars because during the day they tend to hide from the crystal blue sky and all you have left is nothing.
My only regret was believing in you ,but i won't make the same mistake twice.
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