miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

Lyrics of the heart

The smooth touch of rain covering the place with a thick smell of crystal flavour.A touch that keeps me awake in the furicane that is about to occure.It's not the wind that drives the madness to its limits but the deep thought of an unspoken memory that keeps hunting in the middle of night,maybe searching for a moment of peace ..an epiphany !
How can you gain that?When it's clearly that you don't deserve it..You left your soul  unmasked again -and so you did it again..The punishment is direct proportional to your actions.They say people never change ..they only adjust better to their problems..Maybe ,this is what we are..we just need  some feedback to reveal our true selves..Maybe..you are still the same and only a mask is covering your scars..
Maybe your sin is too hard to carry...or you're too selfish to admit that you miss someone because maybe...maybe they changed  your life.they made it clear for you to see your true self...a different version.. that has always  been there..dusty..but there..
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