vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Can you hear them?

Can you hear them?Can you feel them?they're here..a step ahead..but here..near to us..This feeling of grace, joy, luxury, glamour...of trying to be please everyone...the warmth from your heart  to embrace the whole make everyone as happy as you are...But during this period I can't help it..not to think of the poor..who just have eachother instead of all thease  extravagances..who are simply praying   for something to eat and a warm bed...and it keeps bothering me...that maybe I have too many things that I don't deserve ..because God...I can be soooo self-centred sometimes...How about thouse  little children at the orphanage..I mean they have  no one...lonely in this world..with no one to wipe your one to hold you in his arm and promise you that everything is going to be loving  parents...not a huge Christmas presents..nothing at can they survive?I couldn't survive without the ones I love...especially my parents ...i couldn't live without them...And you know this year I made a lot of mistakes..and honestly in  this holidays I can hear a loud noise...a thing menacing  my peace-Sadness....Sadness because i am so ungrateful for everything and i don't value things as  i should...i take everything for granted and it's unfair...everyone should  have  their dreams and wishes fulfilled for Christmas..for everyone to believe  in magic,in miracles....but we don't live in fairytales...Christmas lost its meaning for others because of their disgrace...
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