vineri, 30 noiembrie 2012


Sitting a lonely one knowing your true reasons..your true story...not even being noticed ..or being noticed but ignored...watching them..with a big sorrow in your heart..with your eyes filled with tears...just thinking..looking at something..but in fact at nothing..Sadness??-no,no,  not actually...fear maybe...rejection...trying to understand your actions, your thoughts,your come we don't appreciate the people that deserve it?why don't we stand for what we want?how come we know the results before we do the actions?how come i'm always failing in every aspect of my life?how ome i never succed in anything?how come i only make mistakes?how come i only follow the result instead of the way?how come i never make it?no matter how hard i try....i simply want to scream..but the echo is not loud enough to be heard
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