luni, 5 noiembrie 2012

Stamp of innocence doesn't actually have a straight definition .For me , college develops somehow a wide maturity that comes ahead from the deepest parts of our soul , by facing some "age-problems".It's called the"passing" from being a rebelious teenager to a wise adult, knowing how to face your problems and never backdown from something you trully want.
Waking  up, by walking down the avenue you will feel that the centre of your heart will get hard and you will be gringing a sense of fear and loneliness..
You will have to build-up your own self-confidence and make your bit by surviving this world without your family and your old friends.
A sudden anxiety will anguish you making you feel like screaming in as a sort of ecstasy at the thought of having too many things to do in a shortrage of time .but if you study more and party less you will make it..
For me college meant a lot..the place  I met disappointement, joy freedom and myself...I must say they've been the best years of my life , oldies but goldies..I established my path in life and if you manage to ballance your life and choices you will succeed.Trust your dreams and hopes
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