sâmbătă, 1 iunie 2013


We are running from something ending to nothing...running from pain,sufferance..especially from fear...a fear  that controls us ,keeping us stuck in the mud without being able to move,but how can we escape when everything around us means nothing and there is no way going back or forward?how can we feel something when we've been idling in fear for so long?It feels like emptiness...but without being able to fill it..What's the point?There's too much to lose ..there's nothing to win in this story.The ecstasy is gone .The past is gone.We are gone..
Though..I still wonder that  if  we run away from our nighmares,will we take them with us?Will they hunt us for eternity?gringging every part of our soul ..menacing our peace ...Will they get worse?impinged even more by memories, mistakes,grief?
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