miercuri, 13 februarie 2013


We confide our deepest secrets to someone...someone who seems as a resemblance of your bare  reflection...to someone that you treasure ..to someone that your understandable conscious seems to accept..to pass over the imperfection and understand."To understand what?" the question comes out of the answer ,yet still without a reliable explanation..
In  a sort of ecstasy you seem to veil..To feel betrayed at short notice...I get it now...it has always been there but maybe deep down I denied it with all my heart..I never wanted to believe that ...I get attached to small..insignificant things..that afterwards turn against me...I see the good in people..i tend to believe in words,promises, guidance,true frienship..and that's something that cannot be fixed..
We tend to forsee our  life as a stage...to play our role perfectly..to get blinded by temptations, by guilt,anger..and that drives you to the middle of nowhere...I guess that's my key to the underground portal...To run away..to simply forget..
We tend to idle in hatred for eternity....
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