vineri, 12 aprilie 2013


For all  the good reasons she tried to lift her head just to give him a glance but worthless..she lost track of the mathematical progression of time..Her memory was playing her tricks ..he seamed familiar but no..he couldn't be-could he?
Enough-her teenage years were coming to haunt her again..happy bitter-sweet memories .Ah-no,she was not crazy,she was just drunk but not from the heavenly white wine but with regrets..In soft voice she whispered "Go away!" but there was no response..He was just sittig there ..but his face became suffused with a glow that was happiness itself.-he missed her...but ..her dimples started to grow smaller and smaller and even her pulse started to beat softly...
They had led seperate lives pretty much and had no inkling of these allegations ..Regret washed over both of them and  the seedy truth behind their lives was that they were killed by a harsh ego ..It was like revisiting the past..To a midsummer Night's dream when love was upon their lips.
Illogical,irrational but true...

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