miercuri, 21 ianuarie 2015


"You are so scared of being happy that you blow every single light that could get you to see what true joy really is..
You love the idea of pain and everything that seems out of place..You love the dark that suppresses every breath of you because you feel that you couldn't be defined otherwise and how wrong are you..." was he whispering as he was sipping from his dark bitter coffee..
But without hesitation he continued" Why are you so scared of experiencing the things that could make you glow ?why are you so scared of letting  your heart melt maybe for once?Why do you love this emptiness that surrounds every single cell of your body ?"
She gazed at him for a while but she didn't agree..How could she let her guard down?How could she let go of the only thing that helps her stay alive?
She wasn't sure about anything regarding her life but she knew  one thing: she was swimming in dangerous seas and she needed to get out...
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