miercuri, 1 august 2012

Encounter to your old self..

Have you ever been absent?
 I mean I can't even believe how much i've missed from my friends life..it's like within thease 2 weeks in which i've been away everything passed away...nothing's the same ...so many major changes ..breakups...new relationships ..new friends ....what happend everything mocked away..I used to be 'the shoulder ' they cried on...i used to be their confident friend ..to whom they`ll confess their most hidden secret..but now..what i've become?
Too busy with my stupid little problems...not being able to hear their cry for help...not being present enough in their life....
When have i become so self-centred, so selfish, so snub, so shallow?

I'm sorry..I know i don't deserve forgiveness ..but though i'll try and make it up to you..hope it's not too late
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