joi, 2 august 2012

Lost on the road...

Standing here...In absolut doubt  the darkness is hidding her reddish eyes..filled with tears that only the night  itself  had witnessed to..due the infinite darkness she could see a tiny sparkling light ..a light of hope maybe..or what could it be? the shadow of a ghost that's been hunting her dreams and  wishes..But not knowing what it is really doesn't bother choice..not this time..she lit her cigar ..and as she exhaled the smoke comes out from her lunghs in different figures....she got tired of her miserable life..she simply got tired...all the rutine...all her life..heartaches ..who bothers to care about it? who believes her when she telles them she ain't happy? all her stupid choices that got her where?in the abis of darkness..she feels trapped..she can't simply come out and start's not that easy..not this time...she can't get up  as everything was the same..she's not the same..but i guess she'll be alright but just not today
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