marți, 5 martie 2013

If only..

The wind is breaking the storm releasing  small strains of glow and tiny stars that are carried long road to their destination..I  see them but I didn't want to stare as they sang  their  unknowledgeable prays...As they play the records of the a semingly parade of shades that kept everyone wondering...The masquerade kept going resorting to the law and force of nature  that was controled by its sceptrum ....try not to gleam at the pall moon..whisper the night's miracles..and never deceive the fireflies that bring the magic covering the whole place...
I believe we are infinite....we are sensitive to a cold sonnet ..when it just splits deep down ....spreading love upon their lips ....on a whim you confess the unspoken phrase....There is just an Only Hope..
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