duminică, 3 martie 2013

Today's the day..

Today I want  to leave it all behind..Today I want  to spread my wings and fly..thousands of miles ,thousands of oceans , not letting the sky to limit my dreams, because i realised that we are blindded by small and insignificant things when actually ,we should realise that others are fighting  for their lives somewhere..We should stop dreaming ..and start living our dreams because you don't know when it's all  over...We have to elucidate our true way...to match all the puzzle-peaces  and create our journey..There'll be moments when you'll feel  tired...but don't look back...just remember the reason that kept you going til then..take it, squeeze it in your fist and then fly along with it..because it will take you  to your final destination..Ask yourself"what have I done with my life until now?
Think again..
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