luni, 27 aprilie 2015


I have alway loved the thing that did not fit in the big picture..and  I don't even know why, or maybe I do , maybe the air of mystery brings me to places that I've never dreamt to see.
Maybe the dust.. the memories ..the past  keep on dictating my steps..
I am just searching for the road to happiness..but am I ?in fact,I am sure now that I keep on running from it because I am afraid that the magic will fade.
The puzzle one day will be complete and I wouldn't want that to happen..and maybe that is why I keep on repeating the same mistakes..
One thing is for sure, we all have magic inside of us , beside the flesh and blood there is somehing that we cannot describe , the way our  body works is just pure magic and the sad part is that sometimes we forget how unique and special we really are.We don't need to prove others anything , we just have to keep looking for the spark of that divine light that we own.
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