luni, 6 aprilie 2015


You have pictured you in far too many details that in the end were impossible to sketch.
It seems  legit to be honest about you..even now in the final moment.
You were too easy for me to understand.You were not full of doubts , you were not asking for the underlying truth about this mad world and maybe that was  the reason I ran away.
I couldn't handle your perfect wings because mine were too broken and I was afraid to  fall if my legs didn't feel the grownd.
Even so your perfection melt my heart  even more than I expected and I will not tolerate so much cruelty..
Knocking on other souls' door should be considered a crime because once the fire is provoked there is no coming  back...

You came in a higher dose than I expected  and my vitals couldn't handle your cold hands .Don't forget your gloves next time.

You asked me once  if I was ever going to write something about you..but my lips froze and I couldn't answer..
You had to break my heart first.-that was the real answer.
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